Anais Mioche

He is a talented designer who knows how to meet the clients needs and add his own creative flair. He has an eye for creating beautiful pieces of media. He works efficiently and professionally and his personality and sense of humour make him a fun part of a creative team.

Thomas Gascon

Gabriel Arango is a very successful designer, he has the ability to develop great creative concepts in a very short time. He knows how to work well under pressure and still being able to release projects on deadlines and with the quality expected.

Alejandro Restrepo

Perfeccionista como diseñador. Creando sitios web se enfoca en la parte visual, sin descuidar la usabilidad. Además su personalidad autodidacta y propositiva lo mantiene siempre con perspectiva crítica frente a los problemas gráficos que se le presentan.


We have worked several times with Gabriel (yosoymut) and plan to continue in the future. And what we love the most is the way he combines strong visual images that are slowly deconstructed and transformed into textures and colors that soothes the mood. No matter the theme, he maintains his style making every project unique and beautiful.

Kelly Kinnon

Gabriel Arango is without question a fanatic geek and an expert in design. He is exceptionally passionate and creative individual; not only one of the best designers I’ve worked with, but also a highly effective business oriented professional. I will be very glad to give more specific recommendation of him and his work upon request.

Adrien Moreau

Travailler avec Gabriel fut un réel plaisir. Il est très professionnel et créatif. Il sait parfaitement combiner ce dont nous avons besoin avec son propre style. Chacun de ses projets est mené avec passion et enthousiasme, ce qui se reflète dans le résultat de son travail. Il offre à ses clients plus qu’un simple produit, une véritable œuvre dart.

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